“When I first came, I was really unaware of how bad my back really was. I was having headaches daily along with back pain. Now, my headaches have almost completely gone away and I have way less back pain. I would like to thank Doc for getting me back on my feet again.”


“Thank you guys so much for putting the pieces back together! When I came in I was in serious pain, and you guys came to my rescue. I am very appreciative of your professionalism. I recommend all my friends and family to y’all.”


“After 20 years of seeing different chiropractors I have finally found the one! That has made all the difference in the world. No more headaches, backaches, neck pain. Dr. Wilber only works on what is needed and does not jerk, twist or you into a pretzel to get an adjustment. the best is we have finally physically seen an improvement. Dr. Wilber is also very well mannered and listens and cares about each and every patient. He always sends you home with life lessons for a healthier back which means a healthier life.”


“I came to Dr. Wilber for neck/arm/finger issues. I totally don’t have any problems with trigger finger anymore and can actually turn my head now as opposed to before when I was in excruciating pain. It still aches when I work too much but is 1000% better than when I first came here. He has truly been a life saver for me and I highly recommend him to everyone I see. I used to wake up at night and couldn’t sleep due to my neck and arm pain, but now that is all better and I sleep all night long. Amazing difference! Everyone shoulder come just to see what they have wrong with them so he can fix their issue before they get bad like I was. I wish I had seen him years ago.”


“Started with major mid-back, shoulder blade area discomfort and that has disappeared completely. Finally I feel like I can work again without restriction or being down for days afterwards.

I am very happy with my improvements!”


“When I first came to Bulldog Chiropractic I was in severe pain. I don’t know what caused it but I was hurting down the back of my neck, into my shoulder and down my arm. When I called in for an appointment, I was very impressed they were able to work me in the schedule for the very next day. I came in and got a treatment plan and within the first 3 visits I was already showing signs of improvement and my pain was a lot less. As I have continued to follow through with my treatment plan, i can honestly say I am 100% out of pain.

Dr. Wilber and his staff are so very nice and easy to work with. You feel welcome every time you walk in the door, I would recommend Bulldog Chiropractic to anyone! I guarantee you will be pleased.”


“I came in with pain near the left shoulder blade. After about two weeks of seeing Dr. Wilber the pain was almost completely gone. As time progressed it got better and better. I have very little to no pain any longer.”


“I came in with minor lower back pain along with some neck problems. After a few months the tingling sensation in my lower back was almost unnoticeable. As for the pain in my neck, it as well was virtually gone. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!”


” I have always struggled with back pain due to scoliosis. During my treatment with Dr. Wilber, I have noticed small improvements. As I continue my treatment I am hopeful to notice more and more improvements. I am so glad I decided to go forward with my corrective action plan. I really haven’t felt this good in a long time. Thank you Dr. Wilber and team.”


“I went in for low back pain, only to discover it was my neck from an old fender bender that I forgot about. Since coming in for treatments my lower back doesn’t hurt and my neck feels stronger. I look forward to seeing continued results with Dr. Wilber and his amazing staff. Much gratitude from our family.”


“After 5 treatments almost no pain and very limited then, usually no pain after 20 minutes moving around.”


“Dr. Wilber has been amazing, not just for my spinal health but also for my children. My chronic back pain has been significantly reduced. He was able to stop my oldest’s sons migraines and helped my youngest sons posture. I will forever be grateful for the kindness and compassion shown my Dr. Wilber and his staff.”


“I had back pain every day that had caused me to be unable to do the things I enjoy. Since going to see Dr. Wilber I am getting my quality of life back. The first time I entered the practice I was treated with professionalism and true concern for my problem. They made me feel like I was family. His staff is amazing! I am so glad I made the choice to be a patient of this practice. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great place to get well.”


“Before Levi started seeing Dr. Wilber, he was having a tremendous amount of trouble with ear infections. The doctor wanted to do a third ear surgery, but we wanted to seek other options prior to putting him through that again. After Dr. Wilber diagnosed a neck and spinal misalignment that could be causing the problem, Levi began treatment. Since beginning treatment, we have seen a significant decline in the number of ear infections Levi has experienced. We have been able to avoid surgery and he has missed mulch less school.”