“After eight years and countless appointments, I had nearly given up on curing my anosmia. Only a couple of months into my treatment plan with Dr. Wilber, I began to smell again! Throughout my treatment, Dr. Wilber and the staff at Bulldog Chiropractic have kept me educated on my condition and treatment, and I always leave the office confident in their work. I am thrilled with how my quality of life has improved as a result of Dr. Wilber’s work and I look forward to improving my health further with the help of the team at Bulldog Chiropractic!”


“I started coming to Dr. Wilber three months ago. I had upper and lower back pain, left shoulder pain and stiffness in my neck to the point it was difficult to turn to look side to side. A lot of tension in my neck shoulders and noticing at times when I would sit, I could feel a pop or shift in my spine.  I was using over-the-counter pain relieving creams to help me get through my daily routine. After getting weekly adjustments and heat therapy from Dr. Wilber and his staff, I feel so much relief and my pain is very minimum. Stiffness in my neck and shoulders are gone, my lower back pain is becoming less and less. I feel great and thank you Dr. Wilber and his wonderful staff at Bulldog Chiropractic.”


“Since visiting, I have had a decrease in pain in my lower back. I am able to sit and work without dull and constant pain. I am able to play with my daughter without my legs going numb. This has been an amazing experience. I’m happy I decided to join care.”


“I was in extreme pain after a fall. Dr. Wilber has been the best doctor I have been to, I am pain free except when I disobey his recommendations. I highly recommend him and his staff. They are so nice and friendly.


“From the first day I came in, I couldn’t walk, now I can stand up straight. Back pain went from severe to now it is mild.”


“When I started I would leave work each day barely able to walk. My right leg would be numb from my hip to my knee. The adjustments worked for 2 or 3 days. I found the equipment at work was causing my problems. When I found a new position the adjustments were really working. I now only have a problem if I do not do my exercises. It is great not having numbness.”


“After my car accident and seeing multiple doctors, I was very discouraged and invalidated about the issues I was having with my back. Someone recommended Bulldog Chiropractic, and I am so glad they did! When I first came in I was super stiff and in major pain. After 3 short weeks, my range of motion had improved drastically and I can actually get a good night’s sleep without tossing and turning. The staff is amazing and super welcoming. I have been to other chiropractors before and nothing compares to the care I have received here! Thank you guys so much for helping me get back to normal. I will be recommending this office to everyone I know.”